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The cleaning and restoration of a headstone take time and patience. We only use the safest and most trusted cleaning and repair methods our National Cemeteries and Headstone Community prefers. If you want to conserve one headstone or several hundred, we will evaluate and photograph each one to determine the best conservation method.

Lift & Level Fallen Headstone

Over time, headstones can fall, crack, or be vandalized in cemeteries. We specialize in the proper methods to repair damaged memorials in order to preserve the stones.

We offer repair for memorials, finials, vases, benches, and foundation and more.

Price starts at $250


A foundation is an in-ground block help keep your memorial level and stable for generations. Your memorial stone is placed directly on top of this foundation.  Many cemeteries have their own rules and regulations on the foundation's width, height, and depth. We personally contact the cemetery of your choice to find out the exact size and depth allowed for your foundation.

Price starts at $200

Concrete foundations 1.jpeg
Repaint engravings 2.jpeg


Headstones and gravestone markers can be a beautiful and loving way to remember a loved one for generations. Personalizing headstones has marked the dearly departed throughout human history, including the person’s name, date of birth, date of death, and possibly a short verse or prayer.

Price starts at $200

Bronze Plaque 

Over time, plaques — even those cast from bronze — require repair and refinishing. Due to the historical value, as well as the financial worth of many of these markers, the importance of plaque refinishing cannot be emphasized enough. It restores your marker to its previous appearance and protects it from the weather and elements once more.

Price starts at $200

Bronze plaque Restoration  2.jpeg
Sod planting 2.jpeg


Over time the heat and weather conditions can wear on the grass. We come in and level out the area, wet the soil, and lay fresh sod/grass.

*We also offer monthly maintenance of the area for a flat rate charge of $75. 

Price starts at $200


Headstones and memorials over time can become covered with moss, lichen, and other pollutants. We only use safe cleaning methods to effectively remove harmful biological growth and air pollutants from marble, granite, brownstone, sandstone, and concrete memorials. The methods are the same as those used by our Headstone Communities. We will never use harmful chemicals or pressure washing that could cause permanent damage. 

Price starts at $200

Cleaning .jpeg
cemetary 1 .heic


Keep your loved ones' grounds clean of debris and ensure the grounds are kept. Includes weekly watering and the grass cut two times a month.

You may also opt to add products such as flowers, vases, and flags at this time. Product prices will vary.

(See product page for more info.)  

Price starts at $75 per month

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Added Value

  • Insured 

  • 25% Off Veterans Discount

  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Free Estimates 

  • The cleaner we used is the only cleaner approved by our National Cemeteries. 

  • Established relationships with most cemetery establishments in The Coastal Bend and surrounding areas. 

We also offer a range of products to add to your service.

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